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Arthur, North Dakota Newsletter
July 2014

Arthur 8th Annual 5K
Come one, come all to the July event in Arthur commonly called the 5K. This starts with the succulent cooking on the famous Big Green Egg cookers. The chefs this year are Scott Kroeger, Rick Burgum, Ola Andersson, Rich Bjorgaard and will be serving up steak, pizza, chicken, ribs and brisket. Kelly’s Cafe adds to the meal at a cost of $10.00 per plate. Registration begins about 5 for the run/wallk. And all proceeds from the run go to the Youth For Christ projects. Any questions can be directed to Mike King, 701-388-3862 or to Shelly Burchill. See you all Thursday, July 10 at the Mall Parking Lot for an evening of fun and games, food and socializing.

Senior Citizens
The monthly meeting for the Arthur Senior Citizens club is Tuesday, July 8 for a 6pm evening meal, business meeting and program. Sharon Bartels from the North Dakota Forestry Department will talk about trees for our area. The public is encouraged to attend her program at 7pm as we all like to learn about our part in keeping trees alive in the community and our yards.
Smart Drivers Course
Everyone is invited to the AARP Smart Driver Course on Thursday, July 24 at the Arthur Community Hall. You will learn new traffic laws and rules of the road, proven safety techniques and defensive driving techniques. Cost of the 6pm-10pm class is $15 for AARP members and $20 for non-members. To register and have more information contact Shirley Nedrebo, 967-8505.

To the community of Arthur                                                                                                                                       I have recently announced that I will be leaving Good Samaritan as I will be moving back to Minnesota to be closer to family. It has been an awesome three years here in Arthur and I want to thank you all for the great experience I have had while here. Thank you also for your awesome support of Good Samaritan Society-Arthur! I will miss this town, Arthur is a classy little community that you should be proud of!

God Bless, Asley Ylitalo
FFA Summer Project
Lucas Schmaltz, FFA leader, has quite a project for the summer. He has rented garden space on the east edge of Arthur and he and some of his students have planted potatoes, onions, tomatoes, peppers, cukes, zucchin and sweet corn. This all started with a grant of $700.00 from the North Dakota FFA Foundation and from Basin Electric Coop and Dakota Gasification Council. Lucas is most appreciative to John Williams for the land he is renting and to anyone that would like to volunteer some labor. “Putting hours into this project can be counted as community service,” Lucas comments, “but any student is most welcome to help with the garden and also with the picking of the produce”. One of the stipulations for fulfilling the grant obligations is to contribute 250 pounds of the produce to a food bank or another needing spot. After that, Lucas says they plan to be at the Page Farmers Market. Lucas is also wanting to hear from anyone that might be interested in doing a community garden area, where individuals can enjoy their own labor of love in the summer. You can contact Lucas at: or his cell phone number is: 701-208-0084
Community Picnic
June 10 turned into a perfect community picnic evening at the park. No rain, no bugs and no wind. A big crowd gathered for the tradional meal of dogs, burgers, beans, potato salad and melon. A lot of visiting went into the hours spent and the kids were trying out the newest swing in the park. As mayor, Steve Perry, stated, ” It was a great time spent together and I look forward to this happening again next year”.
Apartment Openings
Good Samaritan Society currently has Assisted Living apartments available. Also, there is a two bedroom apartment for rent in the four-plex on the corner. Please call Miranda at 701-967-8316 for more details.

It’s better to ask stupid questions than make stupid mistakes.
Polar Telephone
There has been speculations about all the rolls of wire south of Arthur Companies the past months. Actually, Polar Telephone is storing its material for their Fiber-to-the-Home project to be completed by 2016. Fiber optics is an advancement for communications in that it is fast. Most people don’t need speeds that fast—at least not yet. However, there are more and more applications that will require robust speeds that only fiber can handle. Polar is seeing increased demands for video streaming and gaming, as well as an increased number of devices in each home that use broadband access. So, when Dave Elbert knocks on your door to do his thing for fiber installation, give him the ok, it is looking to the future for improvements.
Kerm Says-
“Just a heads up that a letter will be coming from the Arthur City Council instructing all residents to move any unlicensed vehicles from their yards. This not only means cars, but campers, motorhomes, ATV, or boats. The council has been hearing complaints about these items and the only answer for bettering the looks of the community is to move them out.” This is in accordance with Arthur City Ordinance number 45 that the council brought into effect in 2003.
Class Reunion
The 1954 graduating class from Arthur High School will hold a reunion in September 18 of this year. Any questions can be answered by Shirley Nedrebo, 967-8505.
Pastor Jacqui Thone
Pastor Jacqui, who was an interuim at St John Lutheran chuch a few years back, brought a youth group from her church in Plymouth, MN to the Gebeke Farms. The group had a fun time riding the tractors and petting the animals, something city kids don’t always have the opportunity to do. Later that day, a potluck was held at the Lutheran church for everyone to take time to catch up with her and her life.
Arthur Drug
The Drug will be closed July 4 and 5, so a reminder to check your prescriptions for the long weekend. A new face at the Drug is Rebecca Erickson from Colgate. Rebecca is a pharmaceutical student in her fourth year at NDSU. A bit of color about Rebecca is that she is on the javelin team in college and her strongest throw was 132 feet and 2 inches. Pretty good for a petite 5′ 3″ gal!
Arthur City Park
The Park Board members have spent time bringing improvements to their ‘baby’. The newest swing has become quite popular and an ‘adult’ swing has been ordered to add to the seating space. New benches will also be here this summer for sitting in the shade to take a quiet time in the park. Two 8 foot pillars are at this time, are being covered with brick and the ball topper has a bit of history. Years ago, when Melvin Nyberg and Gale Hill made new toppers for the columns at the cemetary, two of the ball toppers were saved and now will be a part of the park entrance. Kind of fun to have a reminder of personal history. Thanks to the park board, Ola Andersson, Dale Shields, JJ Degerness, Michelle Nelson and Bryon Stromman for their interest in making the park a special part of our lives.

Did You Know
-Garden reports are that tomatoes are setting on the plants and in the running for the “Fat Tomato” contest.
-Craig Kyllo, who’s working at Cenex for the summer, fulfilled his promise to grandma Barb, to have his beard shaved by June 25.
-Linda Sell stopped to say hi in the Mall and is still working insurance in Casselton.
-Community of Care will take part in the Grandin Goodies Day, July 24.
-Kerm and his helper, Noah, are removing dead trees from city property.
-Polly Wendelbo added a few new flowers to the perennial bed in the park. Thanks to all the super volunteers working to keep the community sparkling.
-73 voters registered at the Hall for the June election.
-Emily Bushy, daughter of Mary Bushy, donated her lovely long hair to Locks of Love.
-Cindy Hejl, while on the election board, had some time to work on a colorful emboirdery piece that her grandmother had started.
-Grant money and individual donations have been the base of improvements to the City Park. Thanks to all.
-Twenty six people gave blood at the latest drive sponsored by St John Lutheran.
-It’s important to register with Shirley Nedrebo to take part in the Smart Driver Course.
-First State Bank will be closed July 4 and 5.
-Jeremy Elbert, son of Dave Elbert, has his “Wildlife Pursuit” TV show weekly. Good outdoors show!



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Small Town Arthur, North Dakota is a town where you can trust you will live in a community family, your kids have a safe place to grow up, and you’re at the advantage of having the opportunity to work at either one of the local businesses or take a short commute to the big city. Much of the town revolves around North Dakota’s trademark, agriculture. But the town also has other opportunities for those not involved in the farming atmosphere. Arthur may be a small town, but they sure have a big heart.


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