Whats Going On in Arthur

2014 Recapp

The favorite issue for me to put into print is looking back over the year and making note of what the community hasbeen involved in and how the area is improving. And as Marjeanne Tehven, a former Arthur resident, wrote in a note, “I am very pleased  to read the newsletter and realize the progressive and vibrant community Arthur has become.”With that thought in mind,  these are some of the happenings over the past year.


The 2013-14 Winter was much longer than most of us like to endure. Cold, cold, cold, and at one time the snow in theparking lot at the Mall was about 4 feet deep, but with the front end blower Kerm had a good time clearing the lot. Helen Williams celebrated her 102nd birthday in February and we celebrated her long life on earth the next month. One of the events at the Good Samaritan Center was French Fried Friday, turned into a welcomed time of eating.Three benefits for individuals were organized and very beneficial to the recipients, the community always steps upwhen there is a need.An outdoor Easter Sunrise Service was held on April 20 the past year.  Rather cool, but late enough to celebrate withthe special worship service outside. Shirley Nedrebo demonstrated wool spinning to the Girls Club. That bunch of girls have been invited to homes and also have done community services to enrich their knowledge of living for others.


Steve Perry and his wife, Betsy, moved to Cooperstown for another job, which left an opening as Arthur Mayor. Greg Nelson was installed as the current mayor and Shelly Burchill filled Greg’s council position.

The last of the original town buildings, the little Fire Hall made from brown cinder blocks, was cleaned out and

tore down by the JDA. The volunteer firemen have been learning new emergency rescue techniques and including younger fellows in their efforts.

The Harvest Festival at the United Methodist Church was another good evening of food and fun.   Clinton Pueppke did a super job on his beef brisket cooked on the grill.Some of the annual events going on in the commity were the Food Drive, Pet Clinic, Memorial Day Service, Flag Day Picnic, Cookie Outreach, Titan Appreciation Day, Home Day, 5K Run, Play Day at the Park, Lutheran Quilting, Waffle Supper, Lion’s Bingo, Tree Lighting Night and Cenex Appreciation Day.


North Dakota celebrated its 125th year of statehood and Arthur had a party in its honor also. Students at Northern Cass High School drew up a Proclamation observing North Dakota and everyone that attended the Veterans Day Beef Stew signed this piece of history that will hang in the Community Hall. Our two churches continue to thrive, but each one would like to have more attending. Each church has Bible studies and mission projects. The Lutheran church is sharing a pastor with Hunter Lutheran for a period of time and she also

serves the Good Sam.


Polar Communications is the city’s cable server. New fiberoptic lines were installed, new equipment is up and running and the patrons are getting used to the latest change in daily network use. Arthur Companies constructed a new outdoor scale for all things needed to be weighed.  Also, a new much larger office

facility is a compliment to the business. Arthur Cenex sports new gas pumps, cement lot and more edible items inside the station. The Park Board is still working with the Hunter Park Board concerning the Rail-Trails project.  The land has been purchased and the steel rails are gone. Bids are out for bridges needed for safety features between the two towns.


Lucas Smaltze, the FFA advisor, rented some land east of the park for garden area.  His students helped with the garden produce and fulfilled the poundage of produce to complete the grant request for the funding he received to do this. Northern Cass School added more classrooms as enrollment increase needed more space.  The number of students is about 600, K-12.

First State Bank of Arthur has a new face-lift and the new decor uses the color  ‘Bank Red’ on the walls.

Youth For Christ continues to grow, the Wednesday night meal, games and spiritual time is proving to be important tothe youth in our area. A new feature in the Mall Commons is dedicated to the Iwen/Johnson Foundation. The area has the availability for

watching a video made with local folk about the background of how this Foundation came to be.






Retirement Party

Gina Timmerman was honored for your 37 years of working

with Arthur Companies and the Burgum family.

Cake, flowers, cards and gifts were brought to her one

afternoon at the Elevator. About 75 well-wishers attended

her last day of work.

Best wishes to Gina, for her upcoming days of retirement,

and thanks for the loyalty she demonstrated all those years.

Web Site

If you are interested in looking up grave sites, go to:

Find A Grave    and follow the information.

Arthur Cemetary is listed and family stones are shown.

Mall Library

There is a  lot of reading material abailable on the library

shelves.  And the bag sale is going on.   Filll a plastic

grocery bag with books for only $2.00.  Pay at the Market

and snuggle in for reading on a cold winter day.

St John Lutheran

January 4, the Hunter Lutheran congregation will be at-

tending St John for the 9am service.

On Sunday, January 18, St John will hole their annual

meeting after worship and a potluck meal.

Do plan to attend and have your input into the business

part of your church.

The ladies sent off 39 quilts and 9 afgans to Churches

United and other needed areas.

State Handball Tourney

Rick Burgum is inviting everyone to come and watch (or join in)

the State Handball Tournament.  The competetion starts at

10am Saturday, January 3 at the Country Courts.

“You’ll have an opportlunity to see the top 20 players in North
Dakota, and observe how they made it to the top”, states

The games will continue for most of the day, so come and

cheer them on, and take note of the heavy aroma waffing

from the courts!

City Manager

Kerm Nedrebo is retiring from the city manager job and will

be replaced by Adam Bode.  Kerm will help train Adam

into the position for six months.  Each season of the year

brings different situations to the city job.

Good luck, Adam and also to Kerm in his less responsible




Welcome to Arthur, North Dakota!

Small Town Arthur, North Dakota is a town where you can trust you will live in a community family, your kids have a safe place to grow up, and you’re at the advantage of having the opportunity to work at either one of the local businesses or take a short commute to the big city. Much of the town revolves around North Dakota’s trademark, agriculture. But the town also has other opportunities for those not involved in the farming atmosphere. Arthur may be a small town, but they sure have a big heart.






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