What’s Going On September 2014

What’s Going On


Annual GSC Home Day Events

Sunday, September 14 starts the festivities with a 10am Polka Service, of which everyone is most cordially invited to attend this special worship. This is followed by the Arthur Lions Club serving up their delicious grilled ham dinner with a free will offering(?).

A Silent Auction and Petting Zoo are part of the days fun as well as the Kringen Band will perform under the tent.  A Pie Social and History House Tours are also on the menu, so do come and spend the day visiting, eating and supporting the Arthur

Good Samaritan Center. Tuesday, September 2 is Pie Day, the GSS group from Fargo will be here to play Double Bingo and, of course, have pie and ice cream. Mrs Kaye Belzer, who is moving from Valley City to Amenia with her husband, Pastor Chuck Belzer is the new beauty operator for the Center.   She has 3 children, 4 step-children and 7 grandchildren.  Kaye has been a hairdresser for 18 years and comes with a vast array of experience including nurse aide, cook and laundry aide. Also, a new housekeeper joining Dawn Langi is Lori Hanson.  She and her husband live in Casselton. Welcome to these new faces at the Center, hoping you will enjoy your time spent with the residents.

Area Harvest

Ola Andersson, after returning from his family visit in Sweden, reports that the few samples of grain that have been brought to Arthur Companies, is running better than had been expected.  The wheat is slow to ripen, but does have a pretty good protein level. A lot of publicity has been telling the woes of railroad shipping and the lack of grain cars to deal with harvest. But Ola also reports that “We are well prepared for shipping out grain to make room for this year’s harvest, not without any challenges, of course, but it is going well.” Mark Sorvaag is looking into September to be working on the wheat, which is usually done in late July or early August. ”And the hours of good combining really get shorter each day during the later harvest.” And local gardeners say their tomatoes are very slow to ripen, goes along with the grain harvest apparently.

Arthur will be celebrating the 125th Birthday of North Dakota in November. Learn more about our state and join in the party. Fat Tomato Contest

Hey all you professional gardeners, how is the tomato crop going for you?  Want to do some bragging about the produce this summer? Arthur City is again hosting  a contest to see who can raise the heaviest tomato in the area.  Bring your tomato to Mary’s Market by 4 o’clock Wednesday, September 17 to weigh and register your entry. And the prize is the usual loaf of bread and a package of bacon, you may keep the tomato to make a good sandwich, sounds like a win-win situation.

New Communication Services 

Polar Communications will be taking over Midcontinent services in our area this Fall. If a technician has not made an appointment with you, call Polar to make sure you will be included in their special hook-up fee.  The number to call is: 1-800-284-7222

United Methodist News

Rev Wade Miller announces the Fall schedule for the Arthur United Methodist Church.   Starting September 7 the time for worship is 9am with Sunday School following. That day is Rally Sunday with a potluck brunch to celebrate the coming together of students and teachers. On Wednesday, September 17 another Mission Festival is planned for the community to join in for the meal, This will offer a silent auction, games and even tractor rides. The fun for the whole family starts about 5pm at the church, see you all there! September 27 is Hands4Service Saturday where the UM churches of Cass and Clay counties will be working in 40 projects in the communities.  Individuals that need a helping hand in small projects are targets for this cause as well as helping at Bonanzaville in West Fargo.  If you have questions contact the UMC, 967-8559.

Mary’s Market

The Market is celebrating its 10 years in business in the Arthur Mall the week of the 3rd-9th.  Coffee and cake will be served on September 4 from 2-4pm.  There are daily specials and drawings for prizes. The Market is also sporting a new movie department. Each Tuesday will display new release and there is quite a selection to draw from. Video pricing is $2.99 for 2 days or 2 for $5.00 for 2 days, Classics are only $1.49 for 2 days.  Good entertainment as the days and nights are getting cooler. Also it is the time of year when locally grown produce is in the cooler, and the harvest is brought in fresh almost every day.

What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say—Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Bible Study Invitation

I invite the women of Arthur and beyond to be a part of our weekly Tuesday 12:15 -1pm Women’s Bible Study.  This Bible study is a real blessing.   Such meaningful insights in the scripture comes each session.  The group is so compassionate to each other and their prayer concerns. I am so thankful for the love and uplifting feeling I get from this group of caring individuals.  Join us beginning Tuesday, September 9, we meet at the Arthur Mall Commons.

Mavis Wagner


Ruth Viestenz is asking not only for quilting hands at the Lutheran church, but for washable fabric.  Ruth also offers to shop for material if anyone would like to donate dollars for her to do that.   Give Ruth a call, 967-8395 with any type of assistance for the quilt project.


Mike King, leader of the local Campus Life issues an invite to the area youth to meet on Wednesdays at the Arthur Gym.  At 6pm a meal is ready for all with Club starting at 7pm.  The group discusses issues that affect the kids of today and help to come away with some answers. A fun game time concludes the evening.  Contact Mike if you would like to volunteer with any food offerings. His number is 701-388-3862, he is very thankful for all the support and help this group has received and asks for blessing on those that take part and support the program.

Northern Cass School

There are several new teachers and staff people this new school year at Northern Cass.  The new superintendent is Cory Steiner.  He and his wife Jesse reside in Arthur. A ‘Meet and Greet” picnic was arranged at the Arthur Park before school started with lots of fun and visiting. If you want to read the school’s  newsletter go to: northerncass.k12.nd.us

New Roots

The New Roots Wednesday sessions will be held at the Northern Cass School the first Wednesday of each month. This is an after school ecumenical ministry for the all students and for family worship. There is time for doing homework, singing and playing games, enjoying a meal for the whole family and a worship to close the meeting time. Everyone is encouraged to have their young folk stay after school the first Wednesday of the month and to join them for the meal and worship.

Kelly’s Cafe will be closed Saturday, August

30-Monday September 1.


The new pumps–gas and diesel– are installed and represent a $75,000 investment by the )JDA)Job Development Authority.  They are much more user friendly and are markedly faster reading your card.  REMEMBER– you get 10 cents a gallon off the posted price if you use your Petro Serv card, Cenex card, pay cash or charge inside the station.   Hope you all enjoy the new improvements.

Cass County Electric

This information was taken from the current Highline Notes put out by Cass County Electric Cooperative: The average consumer’s electric bill is about $5.00 per day.  For that amount of money you can: make phone call, use the internet, watch TV, cook, enjoy air conditioning or heating, turn on lights, use the hair dryer, do laundry,, listen to music, use the sewing machine, take a hot shower and more. Sounds like a lot of services given to us for $5.00 a day and good service, I might add.  Thanks to a much respected cooperative in our area.

Rural Cass County Emergency Food Pantry

The Pantry needs crackers, canned soups, cake mixes and frostings, sugar, flour, cooking oil, rice, oatmeal, jelly, laundry items, soaps, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc. Be sure to check the expiration date.  Items can be brought to the Mary’s Market.

Welcome to Arthur, North Dakota!

Small Town Arthur, North Dakota is a town where you can trust you will live in a community family, your kids have a safe place to grow up, and you’re at the advantage of having the opportunity to work at either one of the local businesses or take a short commute to the big city. Much of the town revolves around North Dakota’s trademark, agriculture. But the town also has other opportunities for those not involved in the farming atmosphere. Arthur may be a small town, but they sure have a big heart.



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