Whats Going On in Arthur

APRIL 2015____

Your Volunteer Fire Department

The Arthur Volunteer Fire Department is just that: “a VOLUNTEER fire department” and the department needs more

volunteers that live and/or work in the Arthur Community that are willing to give of their time and talents.  What does it

take to be a member of the Arthur Volunteer Fire Department?  The answer is a willigness and dedication to learn,

train and acftively take a part in all aspect of the fire department. You might ask ‘what do I get out of being a volunteer

fire fighter?’  The answer is:  The satisfaction of being trained and able to potentiallly help save a life (s) and/or


You might be asking why is your volunteer fire department looking for additional volunteers?  The answer is that

most of the current volunteer fire fighters do NOT work in the Arthur Community and that is especially true during

the busy farming season.   The 2 or 3 active fire fighters that do work in Arthur may be out of town because of their

job or unable to leave their job for some reason.   Also, if there is a significant fire it takes more than a couple fire

fighters to handle the fire.

If this call for volunteers has sparked an interest or if you have had an inkling in the back of your mind to be a

fire fighter, or if you need to fill a void in your life, here is your opportunity to possibly become a VOLUNTEER FIRE

FIGHTER.  Business owners, we strongly encourage you to consider being a volunteer fire fighter and to encourage

members of your staff to become a volunteer fire fighter.

If you have an interest in being a volunteer fire fighter or have questions, please contact any Arthur  Volunteer Fire

Fighter or any of the following officfers:
Chief Casey Zieske, 701-412-5156, Assistant Chief and President Bob Davis, 701-261-6915, Vice President

Scott Kroeger, 701-238-2566, Secretary Jeff Davis, 701-388-3397 or Treasurer Kerm Nedrebo, 701-261-2360.

The firemen meet the first Tuesday evening of each month, 7pm at the Arthur Hall.   The siren rings to

remind the members to attend their meeting.

Submitted by Scott Kroeger

Easter Services

Maundy Thursday, St John Lutheran Church invites all to

a 7pm service and also to a Good Friday worship at 7.

Easter morning starts the Lutherans off at 8:15 with worship

followed by a breakfast.

The UMC has Thursday worship in Casselton and Good

Friday at 7 in Arthur carrying the cross to GSC Prayer

Garden.  7am Easter morning starts with an outdoor

Sunrise service, weather permitting at GSC.  Breakfast for

the public follows at the UMC church.  An Egg Hunt for the

kids is at 8:30 before the regular 9am worship time.

This is an invitation to anyone to celebrate the importance

of Holy Week and the thrill of Easter Morning in Arthur.

Paper Shredding

First State Bank of Arthur is offering their paper shredding

to anyone in need.   With old tax information, this is the

time of year to dispose of papers containing numbers

and other infor that should not get into the wrong hands.

One local fellow tells of his being a victim of a scam re-

garding a refund from the IRS and he had not filed his

tax for the year.   In questioning the IRS about the claim,

he now has tons of paper work and changes to clear his


The shredding is done by a professional company that

has a secure method for the final disposal.

Call or bring your papers to the bank and they will

help with this problem at no cost.







Annual CCEC Meeting

The annual meeting of the Cass County Electric Coop-

erative will be at the Ramada in Fargo, Tuesday, April 23.

Registration begins at 5:30 followed by the meal and the


Doug Anderson, who is our District 2 Representative will

be the incubent on the ballot.  Doug has served on the

board since 1997.

Prizes are awarded during the drawings and questions are

welcomed from the floor regarding our electical service.

Johnson’s Barn

Brian and Becky Johnson have sold the famous Barn and

the new owners have dances scheduled under the name

“Arthur Barn”‘

The New York Times splashed the barn’s story across a

page of their March 1, 2015 edition.  The article was

written by Brian’s cousin, Josh Kun.  Locally, there has

been a lot of coverage in print and also on the radio,

when memories of fun times were shared.

The last two dances held a full house with the parking

lot overflowing and running down the side roads.  As

one participant stated, “Herb would be smiling and

tapping his fingers to the fun of the night.”

Good luck, Johnson’s, what a great part of local history

you provided for us.


Cenex Appreciation Night

The customers of Cenex gathered for a meal and

prizes March 26 at the Arthur Community Hall.

After a Barbeque and Bean meal winners of the

drawings were:

Mugs:Mary Ann Hanson, Gene Albert, Butch

Huwe, Alvin Lien, Mary McPherson, Steve

Timmerman, Tony Lende, Brenda Albert, Tom

Iwen, and Kassadie Waldo.

Cap winners were: Betty Johnson, Audrey Doyle,

Larry Discher, Troy Sagen and Deane Moen.

Car Wash winnrs were Andrew Lende and Betty


$20.00 Mary’s Market gift certificates went to:

Brian Aaseby, Ann Cederberg, Bob Judish and

Mary Helland.

Pizzas went to Elaine Holm and Bob Davis.

Other winners were Loren Bertzyk and Tom


Pet Clinic

Prairie Winds Veterinary will hold their annual

Wellness Clinic Thursday, April 23 at the Arthur

Gym.  Hours are 5-7pm.   Call Marie, 967-8362

for an appointment.

The wellnes exam is $27.00, the Rabies and

Distemper shots are each $16.00 and the Heart

Worm test is $22.00.

Please pay before leaving the clinic.

The clinic has been very successful over the past

years and most beneficial to the community.

Boaster Club Benefit

The GSC Boaster Club has set Saturday, April

18 as a Vendor Sale at the Arthur Community

Hall. The sale begins at 9am with a soup and

sandwich and goodies available for customers

until 2pm.

Anyone wanting to have a table of items for

selling should contact Meg Olson at the GSC.

Profits will go to the annual Christmas gifts for

the residents fund.

Sounds like a good Saturday event, join the


Mayor For a Day

Jace Steinberger, son of Lacee and Luke is

the third grade winner of the Mayor For a Day..

This is a state wide contest and Jace will call

the April City Council to order as one of his
duties.The council voted his the winner as he

would make a chocolate/cheese fountain for

dipping as well as a waterpark in his town.

His yummy promise did win the hearts of the

council members.




Tax Equalization

The auditor will meet with the city council and

residents in the City Office Tuesday, April 14

at 7pm.  This gives an opportunity to voice home

owners concerns over their taxes.

Following the equalization meeting the regular

monthly meeting will take place.

Arthur UMC LOL

The LOL will meet Monday, April 13 at 2pm

at the Good Samaritan Center to celebrate the

March and April birthdays of the residents.

Cindy Hejl and Jody Burgum will host the


Leaving it a better place–

The theme for the community for the year is to

leave it a better place than when you came.  Joanne

Iwen has a good suggestion for the cleaning up of

the Mall’s parking lot.  She suggested a garbage

can near the bar/cafe west door so that litter can be

easily disposed of by customers coming out that

door.  Thanks Jo, and thanks to the people that

will be using the receptacle.

did you know

-142 were served as the largest crowd at a Cenex

Appreciation Night.

-Bev Iwen’s family was, of course, a winner at the

Lions’ Bingo at the Hall.

-Scott Handy is retiring from CCEC.

-Kelly’s Cafe will be open for Mom’s Day, May 10.

-the Lutheran quilting group did a total of 83 quilts

and 9 afgans.

-Arthur Drug has a new security door to their office.

-fresh flowers and plants will be on sale for Easter

at Mary’s Market.

-and the Market has seed potatoes, too!!!!!

-Arthur City was honored by the ND First Lady,

Betsy Dalrymble at the State meeting in Bismarck.

-Meg Olson will retire as Activity Director at GSC

in April.

-the newest house in the Smoking Tree Development

is very attractive with green and dark red siding.

-the Senior Citizens attended the Harwood Play

House and had a meal on the way home from

West Fargo.

-Titan served their customers pulled pork and

potatoe salad for their noon meal and had the

fellows crawling around the new huge machinery.

-Macy Nelson’s NDSU Team took National awards

with their markmanship, a big winning for the girls.

-there were only 7 calls in February reported by the

Cass County Deputy that he responded to.

-New keys are on sale for the membership to the

Arthur Gym, call JJ, 967-8404.

-The pancake breakfast March 29 brought the Luth-

eran roofing project much closer to its goal. Thanks all.



Welcome to Arthur, North Dakota!

Small Town Arthur, North Dakota is a town where you can trust you will live in a community family, your kids have a safe place to grow up, and you’re at the advantage of having the opportunity to work at either one of the local businesses or take a short commute to the big city. Much of the town revolves around North Dakota’s trademark, agriculture. But the town also has other opportunities for those not involved in the farming atmosphere. Arthur may be a small town, but they sure have a big heart.