Whats Going On in Arthur

Rails to Trails Meeting

Sunday, November 2, the board members of the Northern Cass Pass will give an update on the project connecting Hunter and Arthur on the old railroad bed. Bring your questions about this project and have coffee and donuts with the group.  Bridgette Readel from Hunter will show her presentation. The meeting will be held at the Arthur Community Hall starting at 6:30pm.  Plan to attend.

Veterans Day/State 125th

We will have a grand celebration on November 11 at the Community Hall to not only honor our local veterans, but recognize the 125th birthday of North Dakota. The evening starts with the tradional beef stew, with special cake baked by Ann Nyberg.  Following will be some music, asking the branches of services to stand and reading the top essays from the fourth grade Northern Cass School. Steve Stark, the chalk cartonist, will draw and speak on the history of our area. The high school has been working on a proclamation for the celebration and everyone will be asked to sign this piece of local history. This is always a loyal way of showing our support and giving thanks to those that gave of their time to keep our freedom, as the theme for the evening goes “:Freedom is not Free”. Join us for a time of showing respect to those here and that gave their lives for us. The serving will began at 6pm at the Hall.

Election Day

Tuesday, November 4 is the day the of-age citizens flock to the polls to cast their thoughts and beliefs for the canidates and measures on the ballot. There has been  tons of dollars advertising as to how you should be voting, but we all need to remember what is important to our communities and who can do the best job to keep our communities moving ahead in the correct direction. The League of Women Voters has put together a easy to understand print-out that states after each measure, ‘a no vote means there will be no change’. Perhaps sometime on the ballot should be a measure that would insure that a ‘yes’ vote means we want this to happen, or a ‘no’ vote means we don’t want that to happen.  Wording on these measures can sometimes be written rather coyly to confuse us.

See you at the polls!!  7am-8pm

Pancake Breakfast

The GSS Way, formerly the Boaster Club, from the Arthur Good Samaritan Center, will host a pancake, sausage, and drink breakfast on Sunday, November 9 at the Arthur Community Hall. The free will offering will be used by the group for Christmas gifts for the GSC residents.  This is one of the charitable projects the staff members do for the good of the community.

Mary’s Market

As this is being put to press, the weather is almost a summery feeling, and don’t want to think about the winter happenings.  But Mary says that  it’s never too early to reserve the Thanksgiving turkey and the Christmas Poinsettias.  The plants will arrive on December 3 this year which gives quite a long time to enjoy the color of the poinsettias. And fresh flowers will be at the Market for the special table arrangements for Thanksgiving. And when reserving your holiday needs, check out the new releases each Tuesday of the month.  There is a great selection for the colder weather of enjoying a movie in the evening.

Thanksgiving Service

An Ecumeniocal service has been planned for the community on Tuesday, November 25 at the Good Samaritan Center.  Pastor Paula, who serves the Center, invites everyone for the 7pm worship time in the Chapel.  Please bring items for the Food Pantry as an offering from this area.

Area Harvest

The harvest has been rather abundant this Fall and the weather has held out for the late crops. Soy beans, sunflowers and corn is pretty much in the bins or being dried and the fields are now turning black waiting for the freeze up and (snow). Hate to think of the word! Norman and Elaine have had a fabulous garden show of produce that they have shared with the Fargo Mission.  About 1000 (yes thousand) pounds of cukes, tomatoes, squash, melons, carrots, etc went to the tables to feed those that needed help in the food line.  Two of the cabbage weight 44 pounds a piece and one of their watermelons weighed in at 37 pounds. Thanks for sharing for the Veterans stew also, we will all appreciate the hours of weeding and talking to the plants to deliver such an outcome.

North Dakota Trivia

Here is some facts about our state submitted by Don Paul. The first govenor of North Dakota was John Miller. Not as a familiar of a name as is William Langer. Govenor Langer was elected in 1932 and again in 1936. He served the office for about 6 years and then was removed in 1934 for stopping foreclosures and department moratoriams. He later was acquitted and was re-elected in 1936.  In 1940 he was elected to the US Senate. Apparently, there was a reason he was nicknamed Wild Bill Langer! And sorry for the wrong date in last month’s newsletter.  ND  was a part of the Louisanna Purchase in 1818 not 1918 as stated.  Thanks for the correction, Sharon Stevens.

Dish Towels Needed

The dish towels from the Commumity Hall have disappeared.  No doubt some good person took the chore of washing them after their use and have not brought them back yet.  If you have towels in your kitchen drawer that belong at the Hall, please return them.  Or if you would be willing to donate some towels, they would be so appreciated.   Thanks for checking.

Bible Study

Pastor Wade Miller has started another series for Bible Study Wednesday mornings at the United Methodist Church. ”Revival” by Adam Hamilton will be discussed for the next 6 weeks and anyone that is intested is invited to meet at 10am on Wednesdays.

Arthur Cenex

The Arthur Cenex station has a neat clean look with all the new items added to their snack line. Sandwiches, pizza and ice cream treats are what has become the ‘grab and go’ shopping during harvest for the farmers. Bill reminds his customers to bring in their vehicles and he’ll winterize them.  He also plans to be at his hunting haven in Minnesota from November 8 and back to work on November 16. Ben will keep the station running and listening to the stories that come in. Apple crisp and ice cream is what Ben and Bill were munching on, thanks to Butch and Gerry Huwe last week. The new pumps are doing their job of recording and discounting, and as always pumps are open for business 24/7.  Most beneficial to those that need gas anytime of the day or night and can use their Cenex card for the discount.

did you know

-the Arhur Cemetary has a well-kept look going

into the winter months, thanks to the crew

that has mowed and trimmed all summer.

-Arthur Companies will have an open house in

their new facilities during the December 1 Tree

Lighting Night.

-Lucas Schmaltz contributed some pretty pump-

kins from the FFA gardem for the Flag Center

Fall decoration.
-the 5 gals did 10 quilts one week at the Lutheran

sewing project.

-you can make an appointment with Community

of Care to check with the Medicare Part D before

December 4.

-corn is being run into the bunker on the west

edge of town, .

-first grade students at Northern Cass school are

being taught to clean off tables to help with the

meal chores

-in the early 1900′s immigrants at Ellis Island

were served Jell-O to welcome them to

America.  Always room for Jell-O..

-over 20 plates of cookies were distributed by the

Girlz Club, Teens for God and LOL from the UMC.

-two new driveways are in use on the south side

of Arthur for vehicles to get to the anhydrous


-a memorial service for Florence Classon will be

held in November at Bethany Towers in Fargo.

Florence helped for years to get this newsletter

to you.

-President Obama admits that he does not keep

good track of papers and says, “My desk is a

mess.” But he is not up for re-election this year.

-you can call for a flu shot appointment to the

Arthur Drug, 967-8900.

-2nd Ave in Arthur could have been renamed Red

Leaf Lane in October due to the color of the trees

along the street.

-Google’s original name was BackRub.

Cow Facts

This could have taken from Byrran Strommen’s

Cow Almanac:

The average life span of a cow is 15 years.  But

the Guinness World Record for the oldest cow

ever was Big Bertha.  She reached 48 years old

before heading to greener pastures in 1993.

Bertha also holds another record: She produced

39 calves.  She was indeed Big, Old Busy Bertha.


Monday, December 1.2014  Tree Lighting Night with Business offering food

samples, Open House at Arthur Companies and Santa Claus visit.

Welcome to Arthur, North Dakota!

Small Town Arthur, North Dakota is a town where you can trust you will live in a community family, your kids have a safe place to grow up, and you’re at the advantage of having the opportunity to work at either one of the local businesses or take a short commute to the big city. Much of the town revolves around North Dakota’s trademark, agriculture. But the town also has other opportunities for those not involved in the farming atmosphere. Arthur may be a small town, but they sure have a big heart.






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