Whats Going On in Arthur

Relay For Life

Sunday, March 1 is the Kick Off for the area Relay ForLife events. Bingo will be played from 3-5pm at the
Arthur Community Hall. Information will be available for teams that will compete at Northern Cass June12.This is an endeavor to include the residents of Rural Cass County in the benefit against cancer.  So bring your families,  friends and help contribute to the fight against the disease that in one way or another affects each one of us.

Ecumenical Lenten Services

The Northern Cass churches have been working together for many years with the Lenten Services.   Each week a different church hosts the Wednesday evening time to reflect on Lent and what it means to the Christian world. Lent has usually meant that an individual would give up something for the forty days leading to Easter. Lately, people are encouraged to do something in God’s name to better their lives and the lives of those areound them. The youth will serve a soup and sandwich at 6pm at their prospective churches, with worship at 7pm.

This is the Lent schedule for March:

Wednesday, March 4———–Hunter Lutheran

Wednesday, March 11——–Hunter Catholic

Wednesday, March 18——–Arthur Lutheran

Wednesday, March 25——–Hunter Presbyterian.

Holy Week will be celebrated at people’s home church with an Easter Sunrise service on April 5.

Cenex Open House

The Arthur Cenex cordially invites their area customers to their annual Open House on Thursday,

March 26 at the Community Hall. A meal will be served from 5-7pm and prizes will be

given to the lucky names drawn from the pot. Ben and Bill will be on hand to greet their visitors

and remind everyone that the gas pumps are always open, 24/7 on Highway 18 in Arthur, ND.

Tax Identify Theft Awarness Week

The Federal Trade Commission has reported a 2400%increase in complaints about callers who claim to be IRS agents–but are not.  IRS employees won’t call out of the blue and threaten to have you arrested or demand specific methods of payment. We in this area, are people who trust other people, but

we need to be aware of the signs we receive that might suggest the caller is involing us in a scam.
Be wary, but still be trusting and use our best judgement to sort out the good from the bad.



Tax Fraud

Brent Montgomery from First State Bank, offers this bit of

information to everyone about Tax Identity Theft,  This

mostly occurs when your personal information is stolen

for a fraudulent refund.  More specifically, tax identity

theft can involve:

– fillling a tax return using another person’s Social

Security number.

– claiming someone else’s children as dependents, or

– claiming a tax refund using a deceased taxpayer’s


Often your first sign of identy theft won’t come until after

you’ve filed your return–when you receive a notice from

the IRS that more than one return was filed for you,  By

that time, the scammer has pocketed the refund from the

fraudulent return.

What to do to avoid theft?  Consider these tips:

– Do mail tax returns as early in the season as possible

before the cons beat you to it.

Don’t give out personal information unless you know

    who’s asking for it and why they need it.

  - Do shred personal and finiancial documents.

– Do know your tax preparer.

– Do check the status of your refund after filing at:


The top tip to remember is: the IRS never calls on the phone

for any information, so never give any answers over the phone

or e-mail of a personal nature.

Welcome New Residents

After four years of employment at Titian Machinery, Todd

Hanson has moved into the former Helen Williams House on

Third Street.

Todd’s wife, Laurie, is employed in the Housekeeping

Department at the Good Samaritan Center.

“I do enjoy the community and the people, and being as we

both are employed in Arthur, the choice to move was a good
one” offers Todd.

Welcome to the area, hope you find Arthur a comfortable

place to live.

Youth For Christ

Mike King offers a big ‘thank you’ again for the support given

to his Campus Life Wednesday nights at the Arthur Gym.

This past week, Tom and Shelly Burchill grilled burgers out-

side for the group. “What could be better on a cold winter

night” Mike states with a laugh.   He also wants to open the

thought to anyone, for serving a meal once a month to this

hungary bunch of kids, be it sandwiches, hot dish or whatever

you would like to furnish.

The group has enlarged and usually has 20-30 kids coming

for the 6pm meal.  Mike is also open to donations of items

suitable for prize drawings, candy, fruit, tee shirts  or

whatever midght be just taking up space in your house.




Titian Machinery Open House

The emplyees at Titian Machinery extend an invitation to

their Spring Open House on Thursday, March 26.   The

hours they will serve a meal are 11am-1pm.   Following

the good eats, drawings for prizes will happen and of course,

all the newer bigger machinery will be on display for the

fellows to climb on and check out.

Water Meter Reader

Another technology break-through is the ability to read

every water meter in  Arthur with the hand held remote and

standing outside the Mall.

Once a month, this piece of equipment is removed from its

‘saddle’ and goes into action with the on button.

Just by standing in the Mall parking lot last week, 36 meters

were automatically recorded with each click, click, click

that is picked up.  Mark Sorvaag, says the weather

does make a difference in the receiving end.   A clear crisp

day picks up more readings, but a gloomy cloudy day also

can be a good day.   Leaves on the trees and humidity

also have an effect on what the  meter reader can do by

standing in one spot.

Another awe inspiring job that was once done by an individ-

ual going into each basement to read how much water that

household used in a month.

This meter can also tell if there is a leak in a house and

when that leak was happening.

I like this technology, we use to have to do a relay about

when the reader was coming so we could clear a path to

the meter in the basement.  The plus of new change in our


Senior Citizens

Tuesday, March 10 is the regular business meeting and

program for the Arthur Senior Citizens.   A meal will be

served at the Bar at 11:30.  A suggestion was made that

each person tell a fun story or something that is most

memorable to them about their growing up.

Bring your thoughts and your appetite, it should make for

a very fun story time from the members.

The club will be attending the Harwood Playhouse in West

Fargo on Saturday, March 28.  The bus will leave the Bank

Parking Lot at 12:30 for the afternoon matinee. Contact

Kerm at 967-8505 if you want a ride and call the ticket

office 701-298-6807 for a ticket.

The group will stop for the evening meal after the play.

Readers Welcomed

Do you enjoy reading to young folks?   Nichol Hoesler

from the Learning Path Child Care at the Good Sam-

aritan Center welcomes anyone that would like to read
a story to her little people.

If you find this is a great additon to your day, give Nichol

a call, 967-8355, and volunteer a bit of your time to be

with our area kids.




Rails to Trails

The committee working on the Northern Cass Pass

meets regularily and is making some progress in the

building of this trail.  The bridges on the proposed area

need to re-done for safety sake and companies that

could work on the actual re-building of the site are

being considered for the needed work.  A benefit for

the project is being discussed to take place in the


Newsletter Subscriptions

Thanks for the many of you who have sent their $15.00

for the year’s subscription to our newsletter.  Also, thanks

for the many comments of enjoyment readers share about

‘what’s going on’ in our area.

Please send your $15.00 to Arthur City, Box 161, Arthur

ND 58006

Leaving a Place Better Than How You Found It

Each month the goal is to give an idea to the readers as to

how to leave a place looking better than when you came to


When anyone rents or uses the Community Hall, do check

out the kitchen that the stove is wiped cleaned or spillage

in the fridge is cleaned up.  Even if you did not do this, take

a couple minutes to make it better.

Thanks for making our community a nice place to live in.

Community of Care

Community of Care’s 8th annual Totally Tables is Friday,

April 17, at the Spirit of Life Center at St Leo’s Catholic

Church in Casselton.  Call or stop by our office to reserve

your table for this fun and exciting event!  Your participation

will assist us to “Drive Miss Daisy” and serve “Grumpy

Old Men” in rural Cass County.

did you know

-First State Bank’s new look in their lobby is quite impressive.

-Friday, February 27 is the final dance at Herb Johnson’s Barn.

-Cenex shined up their restroom in the building that has been

on Main Street since 1959.

-Macey Nelson,, daughter of Greg and Michelle, holds the

North Dakota Junior Women’s Pistol award.

-Adam Body, new city manager, will attend schooling in

Bismarck for his water certification.

-to set your clocks ahead one hour on Saturday, night

March 7.

-for the sixth consecitive year, ND is ranked the nation’s

number one state for job creativity.

-March 5 is the Full Worm Moon.

Mary Jane: “Got a call from a telemarketing scam

  artist last night”.

Donny: “What makes you so sure it was a scam?”

Mary Jane: “She was soliciting contributions for

 the widow of the Unknown Soldier.”

Welcome to Arthur, North Dakota!

Small Town Arthur, North Dakota is a town where you can trust you will live in a community family, your kids have a safe place to grow up, and you’re at the advantage of having the opportunity to work at either one of the local businesses or take a short commute to the big city. Much of the town revolves around North Dakota’s trademark, agriculture. But the town also has other opportunities for those not involved in the farming atmosphere. Arthur may be a small town, but they sure have a big heart.